Boosie Hits The $Billion!?


Boosie Badazz may have surpassed P Diddy as the next rap billionaire according to news that is circulating heavily on social media.

Two years ago a post on Facebook about Boosie acquiring a gold mine in Africa went viral. It all started from a simple post on the page of a seemingly unpopular person who presented the mine to Boosie.

Now Boosie business associate Ramzu Yunus, who presented the mine to Boosie, has inked $600 billion deals with oil nations Venezuela and Iran and multi-billion dollar mining agreement from Zimbabwe. A news article out of Detroit went viral concerning the $600 billion being dedicated to the reparations for African Americans program and will be given to Blacks via a digital account at Reparations Bank ( People are registering for free accounts by the thousands as the accounts are being immediately credited with $100,000 value. The money is on hold though as they await 20 million people to register which will be enough people to go through a quick process to attain self-determination or the political status which will give the people lawful authority to accept and transact with those countries which are currently under United States sanctions

Many are speculating that since Boosie is at least tied in with the mines, he will definitely eat at least a billion dollars of such a large cash pot. A Reparations Bank support staff member stated that they are not privy to such details but that people will not receive their $100,000 nor Boosie a billion dollars if the people don’t simply sign up so that the numbers can reach enough to make it all a legal possibility. We are sure that with a free $100,000 being granted, everyone will sign up! After confirming with my lawyer if this promise was a legal possibility, this author signed up immediately. Hey, nothing to loose everything to gain! See you at the top Boosie!


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