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  1. I am delighted to see us Afro-American speak up in “Poetry”; As the definition of the examination of our cultural roots can be defined in many ways inside each and every race of our lives! Easy enough my songs were stolen by Tanya Onika Miraj b.k.a. NICKIMINAJ and her so called brother George! About 18 1/2 years ago (400) songs over (20) movies I invented plus over (10)commercials all tape recorded from my residence of Annapolis Maryland. They hid in the utility room & abandoned apartment beneath my home at Annapolis Woods Apts; Now known as Bay Ridge Gardens Apartments. I am the inventor of movie:Poetic Justice & song Poetic Justice featuring Janet Jackson!!! Check me out on Twitter as Gwendolyn Pindell / or mama_gwen

  2. Rene' says:

    Just downloaded the app. I’m sure I’ll be happy with it. Good job!

  3. Lock dHb says:

    I’m a upcoming artist in Boston who is highly interred in gettin air play on you guy’s radio show.

  4. Thanks for the submission! We’ll play the track on Real Rap Radio on Saturday and you will be in consideration for musical guest on one of our Straight From The E-Blcok shows on Thursday! Thanks again and keep up the grind!

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