The Eyes In The Sky


Last week I was hanging out with a few of my cousins and we started talking about Ancient Aliens.  You know the one show where the white guy with the weird hair talks about historic events and places and suggest there was an alien presence?  There are a few places and events that the show covers, but we focused on Egypt that night.

Ancient Egypt

For some time now, even more so after my buddy Bo traveled there, I have wanted to see the pyramids with my own eyes.  The construction of the pyramids have always amazed me because it just doesn’t seem feasible that such heavy lifting and precise mathematical engineering.  There are many theories as to how this was accomplished.  Ancient Aliens presents the theory of alien encounters.

Mile High

I remember the initial viewing of this series took place when I was in Colorado.  Ducked off in my micro-mini apartment, I was flipping through channels and I ran across an episode about the pyramids in Egypt.  I was attached from the start.  I think I watched about 6 straight episodes and I was completely enthralled.  The following day I called my friend Mel back in Detroit and I was excited to tell him about this series I’d been watching.  As I was describing what I’d saw, I could hear him chuckling a little, but he never interrupted me.  Finally, when I was done, the phone got silent. He broke the quietness that was screaming through the receiver with one question.  “You know they are just trying to discredit the work of the black people who built them, right?”  And with that, my 6 episode genius perception had been destroyed.  I laughed at how excited I was thinking that aliens helped the ancient Egyptians build not only pyramids, but build their entire existence. The host was quite encouraging though and some of the rationale made sense.  It is an amazing phenomenon how the positioning of the pyramids align perfectly with celestial figures creating ways of telling time and seasons.  Then thousands of miles away, more pyramids line up perfectly, not only with celestial clusters, but with other pyramids around the globe.  How was this possible before the creation of tools that would measure them?

Traveling Through Time

Fast forward back to my conversation with my cousins.  Our gears had shifted now to the assertion of aliens somehow defying the idea of God.  Can we believe there were aliens assisting the ancient Egyptians without sounding blasphemous?  Perhaps the deities depicted in many hieroglyphs were indeed aliens? I am not well versed in the bible, but I was made aware that there is a descriptive text in the bible explaining the dynamics of Noah’s Ark.  Details even down to the type of wood that was used.  Where are the details for the pyramids though?  I cannot claim to be well versed on the bible by no means, but I am just curious.  Why is such a phenomenon not fully explained in a book that is deemed as the foundation of our life?  Were the pyramids built for reasons negating God’s favor?  I’ve got questions.  Unfortunately, because I am curious, the wild haired guy from the History Channel can fill the gaps with his alien theories and I believe them. In retrospect, I am not trying to take credit from God or the Egyptians who labored to put these gigantic fixtures together, but the idea of aliens’ involvement intrigues me. In essence, because I have always figured that aliens were nothing more than us. I believe alien encounters could possibly be us as time travelers who learned to go back in time.  That could possibly explain the advanced technology used by people who at the time were primitive.  In either case, I still would like to lay my eyes on the great pyramids and touch them to feel the energy that I am certain they possess.