Lil Wayne Admitted To Owning Gold Pistol Found On Private Jet: Reported


Lil Wayne‘s 2019 ended up a strange note. Actually, there were a series of strange events that Weezy had to deal with towards the end of the year. One of the biggest headlines was the FBI search of a private jet he was flying on. Although Wayne casually brushed it off on social media a day later, reports later emerged of the FBI’s discoveries including a gold plated pistol, and what police suspect to be a gang of drugs.

According to documents obtained by the Miami Herald, records show that Lil Wayne admitted to being the owner of a gold-plated pistol found in his luggage. Documents also show that they discovered bullets and what they suspected to be cocaine, along with ecstasy, cannabis, heroin, and other substances. They also discovered nearly $26,000 in cash.

Wayne reportedly admitted to cops that the gold-plated gun belonged to him when FBI agent Justin Carsten asked if there were any weapons on the plane. “There is a gold-plated Glock firearm inside his book bag … which was given to him as a Father’s Day gift,” according to notes in the warrant. Authorities also said that the plane smelled like weed when they got on the plane.

The warrant was granted on grounds of probable cause of trafficking cannabis and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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